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Fitting Bob's Knobs Meade SCT

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If you have ordered the correct knobs then the white spacers will be required to ensure they do not screw too far into the secondary mirror assembly. If you take one of the original screws out you can see how long the thread is and that should match the exposed thread on your Bob's knobs with the spacers on.

I hope that makes sense!



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Hi Chris

That makes perfect sense, it's a job I don't fancy doing to be honest, after a lot of trips with the scope the collimation is off so needs must. :)


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It's done, now the fun starts with the collimation, you think Meade would fit something similar, using an Allen key to collimate instead of the knobs looks a real nightmare.

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I got my Bobs knobs for my sct a few days ago and like you was reasonably terrified of messing it up. The instructions are very well laid out and the whole job very straightforward. Hope it all goes well.

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SCT collimation is pretty easy, just make lots of small adjustments and keep re-centring the star so you do not lose it from the field of view.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tip, much easier with the knobs than an Allen key :)

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