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I decided to practice my processing and focused on one night's subs captured down at Olly Penrice's Les Granges earlier this year.

The Moon was at 99 percent but it was still hugely rewarding to visit Les Granges and steal some processing skills from Olly:glasses1:, some of which I have tried to apply here.

It's a complete restack and a new edit. 5 hours worth of 5 min subs.

Any hints or ideas highly appreciated!:icon_salut:

Thanks for looking!


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Oh wow, take away the noise created by the intense moonlight and you have an excellent image there Jesper. I mean, you could read by the light of the moon that night so this is quite an acheivement.


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Thanks Olly and Mike,

It serves the purpose well as a processing exercice with the Moonlight! No noise reduction used here so yeah, the Moon is ever present...

Interestingly enough I ended up with PI DBE tolerance 3(!!) and division to even come close to a stage that I could work on, plagued by internal reflections and vignetting.

All good fun!

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Cheers Gina, QM and Scarlet. My usual moaning aside I am pleased with this one. Looking forward to imaging it without the Moon glaring. This one has no layers, no tricks pretty much.

(But it was good to learn the routes around Olly's house in Moon light, there are some serious traps in the dark!:))

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