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Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidefield Imaging :)

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Cant get much wider than this :icon_salut:

Many thanks to MartinB for allowing me to look after his Peleng 8mm fisheye for a while, I think i`ll be adding one of these to my future shopping list.

Equipment: Tripod, Canon 350d, Peleng 8mm

Details: 1 x 15 seconds :D

Post Processing: Just some noise reduction

(Click on the image for full size version)


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Boom! How big is that sky? Go any wider and you'll be taking a picture of the back of your head. :icon_salut:

Seems a great match for an all-sky survey lens, 8mm on a x1.6 crop factor body.



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I love the Samyang badged version I have of this lens. The image distortion is very significant but I find it quite interesting on the right type of subject.

I have the Samyang as well, what a cracking lens and the price is ridiculously cheap compared to Canon or Nikon (OK I know it is manual, but I can live with that as it is a lens you don't use that often)

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