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Cleaning the inside a ED objective lens?

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Could someone please tell me if it is possible to split open the Ed lens of the Skywatcher pro range. I tried to clean it only to find the problem was under the glass, removed the dew shield and lens came out in it so was able to look from both sides. It also appears there is a blemish in the glass.

It is less than a year old and am not happy about the blemish, thinking of contacting the supplier but do not want to return if the issue was caused by me some how. So can anyone tell me how the outside of the lens was clean but the inside is spotty is the best way I can describe it.


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I am paraniod about keeping it away from dust and dirt, and read that you should only clean when needed so stayed away from doing it. I do not know how the outside could stay almost spot less and the inside looks like my car widescreen after a long drive.

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It is possible to split the 2 lens elements - they are air spaced rather than cemented. Some real care is needed though and I would not recommend it if the scope is still under warranty - get the supplier to sort it out.

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