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skywatcher 130p eyepiece questions

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I'm looking for a bit of advice on eyepieces for the skywatcher 130p.

Focal length 650mm

Aperture 130mm

I have the supplied 10mm and 25mm lenses.

I'm wanting to look at planets and the moon mostly, and maybe take some (very) simple pictures.

I ordered a 2x TAL barlow lens, but I want to get a higher quality eyepiece to go with it since the ones supplied don't fill me with confidence.

I was think of going for a Meade 4000 Series 9.7mm Super Plossl, but then when I was doing the maths it looks like I might be better going for the 6.4mm to use with the barlow for my highest magnification setup? that'd take me to about 200x of the scopes max 260x.

Any suggestions, 6mm, 10mm or somewhere inbetween and other makes/models for around £30-50 I should be looking at?

Thanks ;)

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Hi I also have the same scope and use the Meade 6.4mm on its own. If you barlow it is just too much magnification so you can not focus enough to get a good view. I have a x2 & x3 barlow and both do not work good on planets. Just the moon!

I started a thread a while back about getting better/ sharper views.

here. http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/179957-4-5mm-plossl-much-improvement-than-6mm.html

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I have a similar setup to you and I distrussed the standard 10mm and 25mm that came with my Heritage. I got a Sky-Watcher 6mm UltraWide EyePiece and a Tal x2.

These are both good, but i find that i still generally use the supplied 25mm the most, and use it with the Talx2.

I think the 10mm is pretty poor quality, (but the 25mm is quite good actually).


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Get yourself one of these or even one of these if you want to push a bit. I have the 8mm and I will be buying the 5mm next week, good value and nice EPs

There does seem to be 2 type of 10mm that comes with skywatcher scopes, one is ok the other not so good, I have both and the better one came with my dob, the other with a 1145P.

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I also have a 2x Barlow on order (the one which comes free with the 130p, but which is out of stock).

For what it's worth, I'd suggest waiting for the Barlow to arrive, try it out with the lenses you already have and then have a think about what you need...

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The TAL barlow is a very good barlow for the money and is even said to be better than barlows costing a lot more, it won't however improve the image from a poor EP it will in fact exaggerate the poor quality of the eyepiece.

I have 3 Barlows, a Skywatcher deluxe, a Revelation and a TAL, the TAL is the best but the |Revelation puts up a decent fight, the Skywatcher is currently for sale on ebay.

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