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Ok I will admit, I have been waiting for this image all week after the teasers and it has not disapointed one little bit.

The size is amazing, the resolution is up there with the best in the world. Get this over to APOD now Olly and Yves, it deserves to be there.

Fantastic image, amzing amount of time and it all is shown in this awesome image.

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I have never seen a better M51! What a stunner. Just before I started studying astronomy, there was a bit of excitement about new tricks to allow measurement of very faint outlying regions of amongst other M51. Now "amateurs" (albeit of Olympic stature) are imaging it. I am not at all surprised that this is getting published.


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Fantastic Olly, the Ha really brings this target to life.

The depth and detail you have achieved is stunning and the colour is amazing.;):D

I usually hold back on the colour saturation in my galaxy shots but after seeing this masterpiece I am off immediately to crank up the colour saturation in my M51 .:icon_salut:


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Absolutely mind blowing. I just looked up M51 on Wikipedia and your image simply blows the one on there into dust. The nebulosity around M51B is incredible. Thanks for sharing, images like this are inspiring.

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