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Binocular thoughts

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Just been and got a pair of these binoculars. Initial thoughts are they seem decent. Quite a sharp bright image. Nice focus range looking through trees with the different levels snapping into focus. Have to wait for the grey wet stuff to clear before I can test them properly on the sky, but impressed so far.

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I have half a dozen pairs of the Lidl type all over the house and they are fine for what I want them for, camping, casual bird watching and outreach astronomy when you don't want somebody wandering off with a decent pair or dropping them on the floor etc:D:D My advice would be get them out the box and check them over. If you don't know what to look for have a look here for guidance and there is plenty of other sources on the internet that are easy to find.

They would not be my long term choice if binoculars were going to be my main optical source for astrononmy - if they were, then like Tinkers suggestion, I would want a little more in the way of aperture and believe that's why his suggestion was made. You do get what you pay for but I would agree with Chris that the advantage is not necessarily in proportion to that difference and we all have different budgets.

Clear skies


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Just picked up a pair from Lidl this afternoon, and they seem pretty good for the price. The twist-up eyepieces aren't great, but visually they stand up quite well next to my wife's Helios 8*42s which were four times the price. The build quality isn't anything like as good though.

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