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Venus, Jupiter and a green blob?

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Can anyone tell me what the green blob is in the image below.

It was taken on March 20th at 19:52.


Venus Jupiter and ? by Bambi_72, on Flickr

I cant find anything it can be in my limited astronomy books or using Stellarium. The 100% view shows a trail the same length as the rest of the star trails at the centre of the blob.

The only thing I can think it could be is some sort of internal lens reflection. It was taken using a 50mm f1.8 prime lens stopped down to f5.6. It is not a one off either it appears on all the images I took that evening.

I have attached a 100% crop of the blob.


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Perhaps an internal reflection due to the very bright Venus. I usually remove any protective filters for bright optics as they can cause trouble as well. It is strange that this "reflection" is centered on a star. This does not withhold the possibility of an anomaly within the sensor as well.

Anyone else want to chime in on this?

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Looks like a lens flare to me. In the one I've attached you can clearly see the cresent of the moon in the shape of the flare.

I had the UV filter on the lens when I took this which may have been a factor in the flare if it was a reflection from the camera lens to the filter and back, otherwise it's an internal reflection or reftaction within the lens systems.

Some flares or backscatter effects will actually show the shape of the iris as well, most noticably the hexagon on old films where the sun is shown or the squares on some of my underwater shots.

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