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Heritage 130p and a barlow that works

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Hi All,

I'm thinking of getting a heritage 130p dob as my first 'serious' telescope. I'm going for this model as I move around a lot and need something that I can pack in a bag easily, the ability to take the heritage of the dob mount and put it on a tripod is good too.

I've been thinking about a small mak too and a small fast refractor to achieve the same thing but like the idea of the heritage as it has a 5" aperture and can do dso plus solar system in one package. To get the best for solar system though I'm going to want a 5mm eyepiece or barlow; I'd prefer barlow as it adds versatility but I've seen a couple of posts here and on other forums where people complain about not being able to get in focus with a barlow and the heritage. I think with the helical focussers that they can't go in enough (even though a barlow puts the focus back - not going to pretend to fully understand :( )

Does anyone know of models of barlows that definitely work with the Heritage 130p? Would be a great help before I actually buy.



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i had trouble with a cheap 2x barlow with my heritage-though i messed about with it so i could get it to focus properly

im sure i dont need to tell you the quality will drop alot with the barlow+heritage,though its still usable for the clearer planets

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I'd be inclined to just use the 10mm. Or even buy an 8mm EP such as the Vixen NPL. It costs about as much as the TAL2x.


8mm NPL is cheaper then the TAL 2X and would give better views then the TAL+10mm.

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Thanks rich and Paul

So barlowing the heritage gives a bad image. Is that because a 2x makes it go to f10 so reducing the amount of light or just more glass in the way makes the image bad? Have you had trouble with the extra weight of a barlow putting the helical focusser at a slant and ruining the image?

I know magnification isn't everything i was just trying to find a way of getting it above x100 magnification. I was going to stop at x130:D Was thinking that a non plossl 5mm planetary eyepiece with a bit more eye relief might do the trick but they have a barlow in them anyway. I suppose 8mm would give ~x80. Is that enough to see good detail on Jupiter and more detailed lunar observation?

I know this scope probably isn't best suited for solar system stuff but it's a compromise to get one scope only and with summer coming up (and living in Sweden) it's not going to that dark round my way for other observations until the winter again.

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It doesnt give a bad image. It just lessens the view slightly because there is extra glass in the light train. Its a perfectly good barlow and the added weight is no problem.

I just prefer the views with single EP's.

Its just another option to consider.

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I use the standard Skywatcher X2 with my Heritage. Works fine with the supplied 10mm eyepiece. :(

Thanks for that :D

I'm still umming and aahing about getting it. One minute it seems a scope that would do me good for a while, next minute I'm thinking refractor as it will be in a ruck sack a lot of the time!

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