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How to put a smile on your face!!


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Last night I was out, on the mountain road, setting up just as the sun was going down, when a local chap of what I would say was touching 70ish, stopped and came over to me and asked what was the big object next to me, so I explained the it was a 9.25 telescope, he informed me that he had been a hill farmer all his life, and read about telescopes but never seen one. Well by now the moon was starting to show it`s self, and here we are blessed with dark skies, so I invited him to look, at the moon, he lifted his head back and forth looking at the moon both thought the eye piece and straight up, and kept repeating `o my god, o my god` by now it was pitch black and the planets were showing themselves as well, so i put the scope on the planted and invited him to look again, i finished off by placing the scope on the moon again, , he lifted his head for the last time, with a tear in both eyes and said `we may be able to make TV’s and wote knots, but what wonders God has blessed us with, he then went on to figure out what is wife was going to say, as she would not believe him........It left me speechless and put a whacking big smile on my face, that i could share this wonderful hobby of ours.

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Always such a pleasure to hear a story like this.

You probably changed the guys life a bit there Firefox.

He will relate to others what he saw through your telescope, and thereby raise the curiosity of those he speaks to.


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was i the only one waiting for a punchline

[something like old man "you need to collimate that secondary mirror"]:(

The original story is well told and heart warming, I have had similar reactions this week from a couple of passer's by when outside viewing the moon and planets (back garden faces wrong way).

However, the above actually made me laugh out-loud (LOL).

Loving your work dtr42:icon_salut:

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Great tale. :(

I've only been in the hobby a short time, but sharing views with passers by always makes me feel good.

It was 25 years ago that I was offered a view of Saturn, that wow moment has stuck with me over the years. I promised myself that one day I would learn a bit about astronomy and buy a 'scope........here I am, its taken a while,

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Fantastic Firefox - I had an old chap pulll up outside my house a few weeks ago and showed him the scope and the views and he absolutely loved it aswel and kept me talking for a good hour or so - made my evening- I think in this hobby sharing is a major plus

where do you go to observe? - went to Trecastle and Mynydd Epynt recently which are both pretty close ton you I would guess?

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