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M42 quickie with C11 Edge, SX H9, Optec reducer (@f/6.0)

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After helping get Ford Prefect's Obsy set up, and finding/fixing plenty of related issues along the way, I think his imaging rig #1 is about ready to go :( The final piece of the puzzle was fitting the Optec Lepus reducer for the C11 Edge last night, taking it from its native f/10 to somewhere near f/6.2 (actually nearer f/6.0 from the results below!)

So, this is his data from his setup, but he has allowed me to have a play with the data and post the image here. Please note that this is just 20 minutes of data (10 x 2mins), was against a blue sky (8.30pm until 8.50-ish), and was sinking rapidly into the East (PHD was having fits with the guide star movement!)

So long M42, we shall see you again next year... we will be ready!

Mount: EQ6 via EQMOD

OTA: celestron C11 Edge + Optec Lepus reducer @ f/6.0

Guiding: Celestron OAG + DSI + PHD

Imaging: Starlight Xpress H9 + MaximDL, 10 x 120s, Ha Filter

Stacked: DeepSkyStacker

Post Process: PSCS5 + PixInsight

(Click on image for larger version)


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