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Last Mars- 27th March


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Second attempt after a dreadful session a week earlier when I figured out finally that my SCT collimation was horribly off centre. I think this will be my last one of the red planet for this apparition.


There have been some outstanding images of this planet I hope one day to be able to come close to that standard.

Cheers :(

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That's actually pretty good, but what makes you convinced your colli is off ? Did you star check the sct last night ? If you can find one of those Tal type X hair reticules that screw into the base of an EP that would be useful, or take a look at the front end of the scope along it's central axis from the roughly the distance fo it's focal length-rings ought to be concentric ( daylight)

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Hi Karlo, Hi Jim. Thanks for your comments and your amazing inspirational pics on your threads.

I had to clean my corrector plate (scream :( I know, fatal but it was filthy). When I reseated it I was convinced it was well collimated initially but then realised it wasn't, in fact way off.

It forced me to use my Bob's knobs which I was too scared to do myself for the past year (sad I know) but I bit the bullet and things seem to have improved but as suggested I need to sit down and ensure it is spot on which seems really critical for us SCT owners- am going to try this software 'Al's Collimaid' which looks interesting :(http://www.iceinspace.com.au/download.php?0d4c1607c1cc60b80007cbfa2cc76da2 (probably old news to you).

I really fall apart on the processing part so I'm trying my best to improve in this area.

For capture I use IC Capture 2.2, feed the AVIs into Registax 6 for align, stack and waveys (without coverting to bitmaps first- does that make a big difference?), and RGB align in Photoshop- would be interested to know what you guys use. I have been looking at some software called Pixinsight but it is not free sadly.

I am greatful for your encouraging comments.

Cheers :)

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