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Quick Bino Question


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As I mentioned on another thread, I dug my tiny 12x25s out of the cupboard for a quick shufty last night. Excellent fun.

Today I went on ebay and bought some (very) cheap 10x50s for the same purpose.

Just realised that (blond/senile/newbie moment coming) these are slightly lower mag than my sports bins.

Which will be best?

Mag v Light Gathering??

Have I wasted the whole fiver???

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You havn't waste your money. You will get a lot more light in the front end and this will enable you to see many more faint objects.

By doubling the apeture you quadruple the amount of light gathered

The difference between 10x and 12x mag is negligable.

Apeture is king in my book.

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10x50 is a classic spec for stargazing. The more aperture (50 rather than 25, i.e. four times more light, as noted above) is most important. Bins are made for low magnification: 12x is more difficult to use without tripod than 10x, and 10x tends to give a bigger field of view.

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