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200mm Collapsible Auto Dobsonium

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I fancied a 200mm Collapsible Auto Dobsonium. First Light Optics said that they have been discontinued but I found another supplier selling them. So I ordered one up and got a phone call the next day to say that they were out of stock and my money would be refunded. The next day I ordered another one from another supplier and got an email the day after to say they were out of stock!

It appears that there are only two 200mm dobs for sale at the moment. You can get a 200mm collapsible dob but only with a goto. Or you can get a manual solid tube one. I can't afford the goto but I would like a tracking function and a flex tube function.

Does anyone know where I can get me a 200mm Collapsible Auto Dobsonium?



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My guess is ebay or astro buy&sell is your only option. As has been pointed out they are a discontinued model so the only ones left are old stock and with the recent upswing in demand for scopes there isn't much if any old stock left.

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Anybody know why they have been discontinued? There must be a replacement of sorts on the horizon. It was such a popular scope?

There's certainly a gap in the market now. The solid tube manual model is £270 and the goto is £730.

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