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Had he started tucking into somebody elses breakfast then... Swapping tickets... I'll have to watch out for that

Here is my Leo Triplet imaged from the SGL7 event. Still can't believe the weather that we had, it was all over too quickly...Never mind can't wait for SGL8.:D Thanks to Daz and everyone who helped to

My Bahtinov mask was laughing at me - when I was struggling to regain focus not realising I had loosened the lock ring on the ED80. JonH was trying to add me to his gallery at the time, not an ideal

Posted Images

When I find time to wade through 20Gb+ of HD footage, plus find some "creative commons" or non-copyright music thats suitable to add to it, but I also thought about splicing in some still shots from the forums in places too :blob10:

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Mine are just too rubbish as I'm still learning. I'm processing now and although I've achieved a lot for me, they're still to poor to post. But can't wait to see everyone else's pics!


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Well here are a few from me folks.

What a great event, it was an awsome weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm still an Image Virgin, but that will be rectified.

I, and every other attendee at SGL7, are indebted to the Organisers of the Event, It was a cracker, and even the weather enjoyed our company :blob10:.

So good to meet Faces instead of Names too.

Here's the Pics, They aren't earth shattering, but shows some of what went on:hello2:.









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Here's a couple of "rushes"...

Saturday Nights Sunset...


Some From Sunday Night/MondayMorning...

Rob H tries to Work out what Reducer you need on the 10" RC to fit in the Moon Venus and Jupiter....


James sees Red whilst trying to sort out his "Issues"...


Widefield Orion - Moon through Trees


Twilight Trees With Venus , Jupiter and the Moon...


Milkyway through Cassiopea - Portrait


Milkyway through Cassiopea - Landscape


Orion in Wye....


I haven't even thought about looking at the data that needs stacking yet.. Way to tired...

Thanks Everyone not only Those involved inthe running of the event but everyone who attneded and made it such a great First Starparty to attend and stay at.. :blob10:

Now then about SGL8...


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Brilliant photos, Peter. You even made the Hereford light pollution look good.

Now go and catch up on some beauty sleep....:o

BTW I noticed there were other non-SGL campers at the site (They had no telescopes :blob10:) - how did that go with regards to local light pollution issues?

Edited by Beulah
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That Orion in Wye shot is a bit tasty Pete :blob10:


It had to be done :o Cresent moon with earthshine, Jupiter and Venus and the Seven Sisters (just)


Adrian getting an eyeful


The moon on the 25/03/12 @ 18:52 - 17 x 1 minute videos taken on a DMK41 with 2.5x Powermate on a Lyra Optic 4" f11 refractor. Stacked in Registack v6 and stitched in Autopano Giga 2 to produce a 10,000 pixel long 600Mb image (slightly resized for the forum :p ) and a link to a Zoom.it copy at full resolution

and a bit of sun


and another sort of fry up with MikeP :)


275Gbs of data to sort through, trash and keep a few Kbs lol

Edited by Photosbykev
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Nice shots Peeps keep them coming :blob10:...

Kev the Lunar Crescent Mosaic and Solar are well worth all the effort and I can only imaggne what else is to come form the masses of data you captured ...

Sam I can vouch for the Full English Breakfast.. I had enough of them :o

I'm off to have a look at a stitching a few Panos... BIAB if I don't fall asleep at the keyboard...


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Knowt wrong with the Panasonix Lumix Alexxx - I have one - not too shabby pics, either. That fried breakfast looks great. :blob10:

Ta muchly! Mine is a good few years old. The new ones will be much better.

I want that breakfast again! It was lush.

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Great images everyone, keep 'em coming.

Ron - lovely photos that make me wish we could do it all again this weekend. Were Neil and Mick nicking that tent???

Kev - that crescent moon and solar shot are awesome, as was MikeP's breakfast.

Peter - Beautiful widefields and looking forward to seeing your panos.

Rapallokid - Nowt to laugh at, they're very nice shots.

Alex - Cool pano and yet another great breakfast pic. Maybe we should have a new section for imaging bacon and eggs...

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these images are fantastic, thanks for being a great neighbour and for your assistance.

Psychobilly, thanks for the shot of the 2" adapter, sorry it wasnt for me. Awsome images by the way

Hope to see you next time.


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Misty Morning Pano... 1/16th scale for Forum..


Morning Sunlight River Pano - 1/10th Scale for Forum


Adrian Points out the Moon Venus and Jupiter...


Thanks for looking and sharing you pics :blob10:

JonH - Hope the panos are worth it these are roughs fom the jpegs rather than the raws...


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