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Newbie in Hull


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Im new on here and pretty much new to astronomy, I haven't even got myself a scope et but hope to rectify that with a little advice from people on here hopefully.

Im currently looking at getting a skywatcher skymax 127 mak on a goto mount which will hopefully give me good solar systems views and also be adequate for the bigger dso's.

Hope to interact with a few of you in future


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Hi and welcome to the forum. The Mak 127 is a good performer and is very popular amongst astronomers here. It's long focal length is great form the magnification of bright objects, especially the moon, double stars etc. With that focal length of course comes the narrower field of view which doesn't make it the best choice when it comes to observing objects like the Double Cluster (NGC 869 & NGC 884) and the Pleiades (M45). Having said all that, it is a very good performer and remember, no one scope does it all and so anyone would certainly want to have this scope in their armoury!

Clear skies for now


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Hello and welcome

You are welcome to visit the North Lincs Astro meetings at Far ings

See the link in my sig for details

Thanks for the offer, it would mean a bridge toll but Id like to pop over to see a few scopes first hand etc... Only problem Ive got is my shifts falling right.

Is there any subs to pay ?

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