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I'm really enjoying these clear nights! Here is M51 from last night.

The result after stacking was quite noisy (b4 i had even started on the gimp work) not sure why or indeed what i can do to sort that?

925 with 0.66 focal reducer on neq6, canon 1000d.

x36 5 min subs, x26 darks, x24 flats. Guided - phd and webcam through a skywatcher finder.


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this was going to be my subject last night, got everything setup, spent an hour guiding to ensure the new cam is working as it should, went indoors to warm up a little and let the scope cool down. Went back outside 30 mins later and could not see a thing (blumming clouds). I'll be leaving Northern Ireland and the Mourne Mountains soon and heading for the mainland, the Mourns seem to be a cloud magnet every time i want to image.

Nice pic by the way.

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Thanks Gina, looks better with a darker background too.

We have been very lucky here Scott over the last few nights, clear for the last three and forecast for three more, sorry making you jealous, hope you get a clear one soon!!

John, is that a photoshop action? That has made a BIG difference, thank you.

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