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Had an excellent night on Wednesday and managed to capture 5 hours and 10 mins on M101

Had fun processing this one. It's the first time I've used a star layer properly and I think it's really helped.

So here it is, along with several faint fuzzies!

62 x 300 secs

25 x darks

30 x flats - I'm loving the light panel, much better than aiming at the kitchen window with the blind down lol


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Yes, a good widefield.

The background sky is quite 'busy' but if you have Photoshop you could try selecting it (using colour select) and then going into Image - Adjustments - Match Colour. In there you can reduce the colour intensity and then check the neutralize box. It might work.


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Thank for the comments, much appreciated!

Olly - that's a great tip about the background. So simple, why did I never think of doing that before!?!?

Zul - that fuzzy blob on the right is another galaxy - NGC 5474

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Hi Spanky

I've just been admiring your image of M101, And I dont know if your aware but upon a closer inspection you have clearly picked up the supernova PTF11KLY which was discovered last august. It is the blue star at the 3 oclock position of your image. very well done!

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