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Any celestron insiders?

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Are there any insiders out there who have any idea when any more Celestron 127 SLTs will be in the country?

Ive ordered with FLO and they (quite rightly) wont give me a date as Im sure they have a lot of other peoples orders to fulfil!

Really frustrating having the money out of my account and nothing to show for it!


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Celestron are owned by Synta these days who also own the Skywatcher brand. They make the 127mm maks and they are probably on the same boat as a load of overdue Skywatcher equipment !

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David Hinds are the importers ,

Problem is they cant control the boats enroute from China and then HMRC when it docks.

That will be the reason as to why nobody can give you a accurate date

They can give a reasonable indication, if they want to.

I frequently have to buy granite paving sourced from China to special order. It is known when the ship left and it is known, to within a couple of days, when these things dock. Ships are extremely expensive things to run and they don't float around at random, not to mention the small issue of scheduling the space for docking something of that size. Allow two weeks for customs, plus a week for onward shipping via importer to retailer.

The problem is persuading someone to actually find out and then getting the customer to accept a 4-6 week wait, accurate to +/- 1 week. Oh! and hope you don't order anything when Chinese New Year is about to kick off - It adds a month to any estimate.:)


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I worked in transport/shipping and the consignee (David Hinds) will be able to track the container that has the scopes are in. Thing is that when the container ship docks it will still be a very long wait before they get delivered to Hinds, (customs clearance, road transport, etc). Then I think the scopes are then drop-shipped to the customers that is unless as Keith says the pirates don't get to them first....

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