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Badder Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece


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I am also deliberating about the Hyperion Zoom, although due to the fact that you don't get the 68 degrees fov that you do with the fixed focal length I am still wondering about it. The comments about it being a brilliant piece of kit, but I already own a 24mm fixed focal length Hyperion and was/am considering getting one in the 8/10mm range. Then along comes the zoom and throws everything up in the air again.

Don't you love/hate astro gear. It is impossible to make a choice sometimes.

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They are good eye pieces but they are being rushed out at the mo because of demand so be careful as I'm on my 3rd 1 now they seem to go very

Stiff or very loose and then fall apart q/c is not good at the mo my last 1 is a ok along with there barlow it a good combo

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I bought one last week. So far, so good. Tonight i stumbled across the trio in Leo (hey that rhymes) using the 24mm setting. Still looked good right upto 12mm. 8mm wasnt so good, but thats not the EP fault.

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Maybe we should start 2 new threads ... love the Hyperion zoom ... hate the Hyperion zoom, see which one wins. It really does seem to be the Marmite E.P. :-)

Love It! (marmite too)

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They are great zooms unless they break - then you hate them :)

This is why I have decided not to bother despite being sold on the idea of an 8-24 zoom. There are far to many people complaining of the zoom ceasing before and after the warranty expires.

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