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Binocular recommendations please!


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I got a secondhand pair of these Williams Optics bins for £90

First Light Optics - William Optics 10x50 & 7x50 ED Binocular

Excelent apochromtic optics but quite heavy for extended use. The Helios Naturesport are half the weight (and cost) but only achcromatic lenses. The Williams Optics bins are tough beasts- built like a tank for the Chinese military!

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I have two pairs both excellent both affordable and both top quality brands.

1st up, Pentax XCF 16x50's. Very Rugged and hard wearing with a nice solid feel to them. They are fine hand held but they are better with a pod, tri or mono, whichever you prefer. Visuals are stunning for the price and although they retail for about £160ish you can find them for around £100 or even a little less if you hunt.

2nd are my Nikon Action 10-22x50 zooms. These are superb and can also be got for around £100-£120. At 10x they are brilliant and easily held steady with the hands. At full magnification though you definitely need support for stargazing.

Because they are zoom also, they are a little more fiddly to focus sharply. You need to make micro adjustments to the dioptre adjustment and focuser. Took me a while to get used to it but now it's second nature and I can bring it to focus in seconds.

I don't know which I prefer as they both have their strengths and the extra magnification is a big plus with the Nikons. But for ease of use and being slightly lighter I would probably say get the Pentax for your first ones.

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If you mean 15x70, yes that is hard to hold. Try 10x,8x or 7x. These are still a massive improvement than your naked eye ;)

Which is why I opted for 10x, and chose a lighter one at that.

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Yes could well be 15x70, I wasnt entirely sure which she said. They were beautiful! Just too much for me to hold, whilst not particularly heavy. Might be just becuase it was new for me to hold bins, and I didnt really know how to?

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No not just you. They are powerful bins, and even if you hold them fairly steady they'll shake. Anything bigger than 10x50's you should really have some sort of support. I actually prefer a heavier Binocular. I feel I can keep it steady easier. However your arms tire quicker so you can't use them as long. I mount mine on a Manfrotto Heavy duty tripod, but other prefer a monopod. Go into a shop and ask to try a pair on either type of pod and see which you prefer.

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