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Coronado solar filters


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Hi all,

I have an Astro tech 66ED (f/6, focal length 400mm) as my travel scope. I'm thinking of adding Coronado Solarmax 60 filters with adaptors to it, so I don't have to carry two scopes when on the move. Is this feasible? As I note most people tend to use the 80mm aperture scopes for their filters. What am I missing?

By the way the scope is almost identical to the Williams optics 66ED version.

Thanks in advance

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You're not missing anything. If you can get the filters and adapters in Canada then it's a fine plan. I'm guessing a lot of people use the 80mm scopes because they have 80mm scopes to begin with, that's all.

Sadly in the UK we can't get the filter sets, only the full scopes. Shame because I'd quite like a filter set myself.

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