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USB connectors upgraded

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Having had loads of problems with failing connectors I put some SLR plugs on the USB cables for the cameras. It does the job and is nicer to work with.

One less problem...


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I know how you feel, i am finding the cheap usb cables, which are common now, are causing me problems. Having to go to the expensive end of the cable market to find anything reliable :)

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Jesper, sorry im being a bit dim tonight.

How do they work ? I assume you still have the USB on the laptop / computer side, are these as extenders ??

do you have a link to them please ? They do look good.

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Scarlet, not dim at all. Basically I am stuck with mini USB connectors into the cameras, these cables are nicely bundled together with cable net just to minimize snagging and to keep the general mess down around the moving parts. The other end of these USB cables has the SLR plugs fitted. Then I put corresponding SLR plugs on the end of a couple of three meter extension leads keeping the USB plugs at the laptop end.

So the gain is not radical but I don't have to resort to electric tape to keep it all together, and no more running back and forth to the mount in the dark as the cameras flicker in and out of connection...

Now why didn't I just get two cables, long enough in the first place? Just because I sometimes move and transport both scopes (on a side by side bar) as a completely assembled unit - cameras and all, and it now lifts off the mount with no cables to drop and trip on, they are too short :-)

They don't sell them, this is a little custom job.

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A very good solution.

The basic problem is that USB connectors are a consumer item. Made down to the last 1/10 penny. Don't expect reliable connection after a large number of insertions. Don't expect long life. They are meant for short life equipment like phones, cameras, laptops.

XLR and similar connectors have a proven track record of reliable work, principally in professional audio. I think they may have been used in Apollo for audio connections.

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It works a treat, you know how solid these are - and indeed they are called XLRs....

Ideally I'd like a padded hardcase for the laptop with these sockets on the outside of the case, but I'm not as crafty as some here!

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