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EQ5 Pro GoTo...not going too!

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Evening all, been away for a while deciding on Astronomy, spend or not, quite expensive hobby. Well i have got a new EQ5 goto, set it up co-ord etc, last night tried to go to Jupiter, and it promptly took me to the East pointing to about 3 oclock.

I reset all settings moving from east of timeline to west, or vise versa so confused now i dont remember where i am, but still the same, when i went to another object it pointed to the east side but to 5 oclock....even i know thats wrong. So resorted to the binoculars...

I have tried to fathom reason, but cannot sort it.......is there some kind sole who can and will HELPPPPPP

Here Hoping


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First port of call would be to check the date settings, its always MM/DD/YY. Second would be your co-ordinates, third would be your time settings (Universal time, etc.). Other possible causes are uneven tripod, wildly off PA, or the home position is very wrong. I cant think of anything else it might be.

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Checklist for the handset-

1. Date format should mm/dd/yyyy. Todays date is 03 12 2012

2. Time format is 24

3. time zone is 0 000

4 . DST is off until next Sunday

5 . Coordinates for the centre of Maidstone are 000 31W 51 16N. Your coordinates should be similar to theses and are entered into the handset in that format and order.

6. Polar align the mount, add the telescope and balance.

7. Unlock the clutches and set the mount to the home position (counterweight bar pointing down, telescope pointing to the North Celestial Pole.) Relock clutches and begin alignment.

8. Do a one star alignment and when complete park the telescope using the park command in the handset. Switch off the mount when the park is completed and unlock the clutches and return the mount to your original starting position in step 7.

9. Restart, enter the day and time (the handset remembers the coordinates) and do a 1,2 or 3 star alignment. The mount should hopfully now behave itself.


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Thank You both, how do i feel now....

As soon as i read the replies....i realised...yes the date, despite it being made quite clear in the instructions...i entered ddmyy...But i have changed date and works ok without alignment...which cannot do as it is cloudy...just my luck, BUT last evening we were able to get it positioned to see jupiter very clearly 6"sct on EQ5...next port of call tracking for a photo, i guess i will be back more questions.

Thanks for the help very much appreciated, can you help with clear skies.



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