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Les Granges does M101 in a full Moon

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I wish to extend a big thank you to Olly Penrice and Monique at Les Granges!

I spend a few imaging nights there despite the Moon being at 99%. I had many little objectives with the trip and with Olly's kind help all I completed all I set out to do - and more.

I had a fantastic experience down south and can only imagine what the sky would be like without the Moon.

Many little issues encountered but as if on permanent high alert Olly always popped up out of nowhere in the dark and passed some useful ideas.

The processing sessions were a joy and I learned a lot!

Thank you Olly and Monique!

Below is 10 hours of M101 captured with my sig kit in glaring Moonlight processed during one of our sessions by Olly.

(The Orion working at native F8)

M101 Les Granges.tif

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Well, it was nice for us too, Jesper!

I would never attempt RGB in the moon, normally, but this is remarkbly good and shows that you have a good setup which is capable of much more.

Thanks for the kind comments.


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I noticed you have a reducer, which one works best with this scope?


OK, just my opinion and looking at CCD inspector. The field is very errm... bent. Don't know the word for the opposite of flat. I chucked mine out for now. I am waiting for the GSO reducer/flattener combo, and will suffer at F8 until then. Sure the AstroPhysics one can be used but it will need cropping or clever editing of the edges...

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I cannot recommend the trip enough.

Olly and Monique are excellent hosts and you will leave with lots of new knowledge and you'll experience a sky quality that challenges the very very best in Europe. Mag 7 and a bit can be resolved visually... And I haven't even really seen it! (Talking about the full Moon, 100.000 times brigher than Sirius...)

Fingers crossed you'll get the opportunity!

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