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Kelling Heath 2012


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I bailed out too - at the very last minute - car was loaded and equipment was at the front door ready for the next morning. Then I had another look at the forecast and chickened out :)

I wasa still thinking about going Friday/Saturday but didn't in the end.

Still, captured my best image to date of the Sun (see solar system page of my website) on Saturday using my new Teleskop Service 65mm astrograph - really pleased with the results so some consolation.

To those of you who braved the forecast - salute! :D


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Got back this afternoon after a Fri/Sat night stay. I was a bit worried about the weather but in the end it wasn`t too bad. I didn`t get to do any observing which is a shame but Kelling is a great place to camp at, which kind of makes up for it.

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i stuck it out. sunday night was well worth it. clear from 11 onwards. here are some pictures i took that night.

please take into account these are my first astro pics with a dslr. so if anyone has any tips for me please feel free to message me.

im david pointer. if you was at kelling you would maybe have seen my orange/yellow newtonian. lol.





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Hi Just joined SGL website. Went to Kelling in April this year. I've been a few times to the September event in the yellow field with the Liverpool AS. In the past we've doubled up our tents on some of our pitches but in April Kelling didn't allow us to do that. If they do the same in September then I'll need a pitch.

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They had a big fire last year - lost 6 complete units in a row - flames as high as the tallest trees - fortunately no fatalities. But they have toughened up on the fire regulations and unit spacing ever since. Look for cancellations here in classifieds or on astro buy/sell website. :)

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