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Kelling Heath 2012


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Hello is any one going to kelling Heath next month for the star party ? I will be there with my mate Allan from 19 - 22 hope to see some of you there . fingers crossed for some clear sky's :)

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After a break from obersving for almost 4 months, I can report with total pleasure, that I will be there !

Cannot wait for this !

Ah, it will be nice to see you Steve, will you be staying on a little bit longer as normal?

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Counting down the days I have packed up most of my things ready for Thursday I hope the wet weather is going to stop ? I can remember going once and it rained all the time we where there not to mention not one clear night was seen :(

I think I am going to do a dry weather and clear night dance and keep my fingers crossed mind you I am looking forward to the fact of no kids no dog and dare I say it no wife for a few days ! :D

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Well...due to our need to pack as we're looking to move soon, I won't be using the pitch I've paid for. I'm still coming up for the experience, as we'd also paid for a lodge over the same dates, just won't get to do any imaging.

If anyone would like to take over the following pitch, drop me a PM.

Arrival date: 20-Apr-12

Departure date: 23-Apr-12

Unit type: Red Squirrel Area

Plot number: T318

So Red 318 if anyone wants to pick up this one.

Let me know.




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Ohhh that could soooo be read the wrong way lol - we'll be happy to meet your wife Starlight (me, my missus, and glider that is hehe). There'll be a brew on by day (plus hopefully a solar scope), and a scope out by night :)

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