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Hello Everyone


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Hi Stewpot and welcome to you and No 1 Son, the only daft question is the one you do not ask, there is a wealth of experience on this forum and the members are only too willing to help, no matter how basic you think your inquiry may be :)


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LOL thanks all.

We've always had an interest in all things high up and shiney however, my son has a muscle wasting illness (DMD) and can't get around as much as he use to. Its unlikely he'll make it to his 20th birthday so we thought we'd treat him to a special pressie ie some sort of go to telescope, so many to choose from!



PS...he’s loving the photo’s on here!

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Hi Stew,

Welcome to SGL..

I hope you and your son get a lot of pleasure out of your interest in star gazing...

Don't be afraid to ask any questions...however stupid you may think they are! Everyone on here started off asking basic questions....in fact I'm still asking them!

Best wishes..


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Hi Stew & son. Welcome to SGL.

If your 10yo is anything like mine I suspect the daft questions will be yours and not his. They pick things up so much quicker than we do and seem to remember everything.

A goto scope sounds like a good idea. Plenty of people here can advise on what to get.

Good hunting and clear skies.


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