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Which crayford for my SCT

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Hi Folks,

I’m getting a bit frustrated with the image shift on my C9.25 especially at high magnification so have decided to get a decent two speed Crayford focuser.

I have narrowed it down to these two at present;-



Any thoughts on which one to go for,

I am looking to use the scope for imaging as well as visual so it needs to be able to cope with the weight of a camera and filter wheel etc.



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Definitely the Baader as it is a very good quality focuser. Super smooth and very nice to use and they now have the Baader Steeldrive drive for it.

The gimmicky DDG focuser is OK at best. I literally binned a DDG focuser once and replaced it with a Feather Touch.

You might also consider the TS Monorail Focuser.It's only £169.00 and while not as smooth as the Baader it can hold a surprising amount of weight.


If budget wasn't a consideration then the Feather Touch would be my first choice but it is £££££.


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I can recommend Baader, i have one, using it with C8 and C14. Very smooth and good quality. Steeldrive is expensive and i added Skywatcher 45£ autofocuser from FLO, now focusing is very easy.

added images of Baader and Skywatcher marriage.


and second one, drive is made with 60*3mm rubber O-ring from hydraulic store. Easy to take off if you want to focus manually

"Leg" is aluminium extra part from my wife's greenhouse


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Must admit I was leaning towards the Baader,

I have the WO crayford on my Megrez 90 which is a nice scope but the focuser does struggle a bit when you hang a DSLR off it.

Unfortunately I have not had chance to try the Baader to compare them.

John, I did consider the Feather touch it does look fantastic but can't really justify the cost.

Your set-up looks great Ransu, I am just starting to have a go at planetary imaging so the idea of a motor focus is very appealing.

Looks like it's the Baader then and maybe get the Skywatcher autofocuser as well.

Cheers for the advice


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Since webcams are light my Revelation is OK on my own SCT. On Yves 14 inch, though, there is a Baader Steeltrack doing pretty well with a big heavy camera, filterwheel and OAG. I'd go for the Baader without a doubt unless a windfall lead to a Feathertouch!


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There's Moonlite as well. I have one with a stepper drive and it works very well. I use it with a HitecAstro mount hub pro so don't need the Moonlite mini controller - saves $195.

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