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Hi guys,

First off i just want to say a massive thank you to everyone on this forum and all their valuable information ! I've only been a SGL member for a few weeks and already I've learnt loads !

OK so after much learning about different equipment needed for different aspects of astrophotography I've decided to start with the following for Lunar and Planetary photography:-

Skymax 127 GOTO

Revelation EP kit

5-in-1 Jump Starter

Dew shield

Decent webcam preferably CCD

Thermals ! :D

Have i forgotten anything ? (No doubt !)

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As above.... but, if you chuck out the stuff you'll just never use...it's a nice box for things you will use....

but , more seriously... the gso/revelation are better than the supplied 10mm...perhaps a 32mm for wide views...+ a 12mm & an 8mm plus the supplied 25mm will keep you busy for a while

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Thanks for your replies guys.

Yea I knew I needed a power cable but forgot to add it to my list :headbang:.

i thought i would treat my self to the revelations ep kit as i knew the supplied EP's wouldnt be much cop. Also i think the case would come in handy.

I think i will have enough on my hands with that for a while

It should be a good way to begin with astrophotography until i win the lottery and build my own hubble :D

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