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Hi i new to this forum but have been following it for awhile checking out peoples opinion on various telescope's so tomorrow ive decided to order my first telescope, ( which ive wanted to do for years but for various reason havent been able to yet, that and my missus has given me the go ahead :D)

So eventually after scrolling through alot of telescopes ive decided with the Skywatcher Explorer 130, But im decided to get the 130p or the 130M or just the standard 130. Any ideas on which one to go for?.

Also any idea on what Accessories to buy? i lve on the edge of town so do get quiet abit of light pollution, but i only live around 1 and half from Kieldor Forest so do plan on taking weekend trips up there every couple weeks when i get back ( i work away on 2-3 weeks trips) i also have a son that is 5 years old that is intrested in the stars so this is another reason ive decided to go buy a telescope.

Any hints and tips would be apprieciated,

iam on a slight budget this week but any accessories that wolud be needed i could get probably spare cash to get one a weekend or so. ( Depending on the price obviously)

Im intrested in Seeing DSO & the plants and Exploring the moon in more detail.

Sorry about the long post!

Thanks again


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hi there ryan , i like the sound of the 130m motorised , its around 170 quid from flo ..

the 130p is an f5 scope , this will make it a bit trickier for a newbie to collaminate ,(align internal mirrors) so i would not bother with that one

a motorised scope like this is good for kids to look through as it follows the object you point the scope at , rather than it drifting out of view

but have a good look and do your research , have you looked at dobs ? perhaps a skyliner 150p .


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Yea ive had a look at Dobs but the Skywatcher 130 is what ive got my mind set on now just wondering on which variation to get.

i think ill go with the Motorised version, Any on idea on which EP to get?

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Regarding ep's, your scope will probably have a 10mm and a 20 mm supplied aswell as a 2x Barlow, all are ok but will need updating later. When choosing remember that the Barlow doubles the mag of the ep so you have two ep's in one so when you pick ep's don't go for a 16 and an 8mm for example cos the Barlow can turn the 16 into an 8. Do hot research. As for make and model, they are a cause of endless debate on here, just search the ep section


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Forgive me if I'm proposing something outside your budget, but the immersive quality of a good wide field EP at low power is such a joy, that you might want to consider delaying this purchase a few weekends and saving up for one--and from your post, it seems like you can get things if you budget for them.

If I were you, I'd consider getting a Pentax XW30, which has a 70 degree FOV, and is simply gorgeous to look through. It's also easy to use, and doesn't have the kidney bean effect and low eye relief that a lot of Eps have, so it's great for children and other non-astronomers you'd like to share the joy of your hobby with. Though it has a lesser field of view that the Ethos, it's much easier to use. You feel as if you are in a spaceship looking out a big port window.

Anyway, this might not be anything like what you are looking for, but it's what I myself would do.

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Seems expensive for am EP for my first Scope, Though i would be willing to give it a go if it was highly recommended,

First Light Optics - Pentax XW 30mm 2"

is that the one you reccomend ? obviously it would take me a little while to save up and the missus would have a shock at the price of a EP compared to the 'Scope (ha) but by the time ive saved up ill be confident enough with the scope.:D

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Hi dove , the pentax is a great ep , but I don't think it is for you lol , selatarious is very lucky if he can spend 500 quid on an ep for his first scope ..... a good alternative would be a bst explorer 32mm for 40 quid , but to be honest just try what you got with your scope for a few weeks till you get the way of it , you might prefer planets or double stars or dsos cheers

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Dove, the pentax is a great EP--the best I've seen in that focal range for your uses--but if cost is an issue, then ultimately I agree with hemihaggis. Try out the Eps your scope comes with, maybe go to some local observing sessions and maybe try some Eps owned by other people, and then make a choice. No point in trying to get everything all at once.

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Thanks for all the reply and yea i agree spending nearly 500 quid on a EP on my first scope would be abit of an ask (Maybe later once ive upgraded my 'Scope, Already talking about a new 'Scope and havent even got my first yet ha!)

i think ill try the EP's that come with my Scope then take it from there, i do plan on attending Gathering at Kielder Observatory so hopefully ill get to try out some different EP's there and make some judement then,

Again thanks for all the replies, another quick question would it be a good idea to get some Filters .Skywatcher Light Pollution Filter &

Baader Neutral Density Moon filters ?

Again,Thanks for all your replys.


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Well todays the day i eventually going to get my Telescope.

Off up into Newcastle to have a look in Bonsers if not then ill be ordering it from FLO ( Would rather pick it up cause i know ill be getting a phone call to go back to work soon, probably before my 'Scope comes, knowing my luck anyway.)

So hopefully next time im on ill let you know what my new Scope and Accessories are :D

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Hi Dove. I know you have made your mind up that the 130 is the one for you but i thought i would add my 2 pense worth anyway! I would recommend a Skyliner 150p dob every day of the week over the 130p as a first scope. I also have a 5 year old and with the help of one of those little toilet training stools he is using my 8" Skyliner and loving it. He is at the stage now where he is starting to pan about himself and seems to have really taken an interest in what he is looking at. Its only my opinion of course but i think a 6" dob is the perfect starter scope for adult and child alike.

Good luck with whatever you choose though :D

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