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Star Parties

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So, am I the only one that thinks it's ridiculous to suggest that a place that's willing to allow camping might be unwilling to allow the use of tent-pegs? They allow full-scale battle re-enactments there, complete with encampments for the participants.

I personally think you are mixing up the asking of legitimate questions for ridicule so refute the accusation.

Personally, I think you are mixing up accusations and opinions. My statement started with "Seems to me...". There's nothing to refute, unless my opinion's invalid.

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Stop bickering.

Astrotiger is trying to organise a star party, he will need not only positive comments but also negative one's. There will be things that he hasn't thought of.

In my opinion he seems to be ignoring some pretty important issue's but that is down to him, as organiser.

Stargazers' Lounge is not involved in the organisation of this star party in any way shape or form.

My main concern is that anyone who hasn't gone to one of the "Major" star parties may think that all of them are the same - and be put off going to another.

Keep going Astrotiger, you'll get everything sorted out, just remember to listen to the critics - sometimes they have a point.


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Yes, sorry about the myspace thing, typical microsoft failing just wen u need them, i have complained and will arrange an alternative place to post them

I have read you comments, and taken on board. I have solved as many of them as i can.

The 4pm lock out is no longer in place, i have agreed with them a solution to this.

In anycase i will be there before to sort things out.

I feel i should also add, this event is for people interested in star gazing, its only a small affair, an attempt at trying to revive what is a dying pastime.

For the record i live in a council house myself with the garden but nowhere to put my kit.

I was looking at some of ur images the other night wondering y after over 20 years i have not done the same.

Well this event is to try to help me and other like me do just that

i am not saying its for everyone, and i am not twisting anyones arm to come at the end of the day.

But i will say this event has thew full backing of Bosworth field, the fully backing of my insurance company with the PLI, so yes to clarify i HAVE PLI to cover this.

Can i also advise that several thousand ppl decend on the likes of Glastonbury every year just to listen to music, without half the facilties we will be able to offer. Just to listen to music!

The people who have approached me with regards to booking, the cheques should start arriving on monday! Thanks for that ppl

Other interested please let me know.

These ppl by the way are WELL aware of the facilities and are still happy to come.

Can i also point out, as someone said, we have LP really had here, and the likes of Kelling and Kelider are just too far for many.

All i can say is thanks for all your comments, they are duly noted, but the proof will be in the pudding as they say

to anyone still considering coming allow me to clarify

"THIS EVENT IS GOING AHEAD" The dates i clarify are on Oct 31 st to Nov 2nd

And i promise you, if this works out well

There will be plenty more coming :shocked:

PM me or email me for more details

Otherwise thanks for all your advise and support


ps lads, i am getting concerned that this thread is getting a little over heated.

Now i know some of you have issues with it taking place on the site of a battle field (i will raise this with Bosworth, but i am sure they would know if there was an issue here)

Also i know this event is taking place on a "battlefield", but do we really need to start one here? :-)

I really do not want this thread locked by the admin as its of great use to me to continue to advise and update the event.

If anyone has any major issues lets give the admin a break and SGL bandwidth, direct all your queries to me :-)

Once again, many thanks

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Hi Guys

Perhaps some pics of the venue might alay some concerns.

I threw them together now, but its just to show u what a nice venue it really is.

FYI, noone is actually sure where the battle took place, they do know is it not in Sutten Cheyney (the actual location of the proposed venue)


I have added a few more pics there now.

Thought it was better to edit an old post than confuse people. It seems sorted now though ;-) thanks

Apologies again, the spread on myspace looks lot better by thts microsoft for you.

BTW, the power shower u see, is one of three!

hope this helps to calm things down. :shocked:

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Good luck AT, and clear skies to all attending :thumbright:


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Looks like a very appealing site for a Star party!

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AstroTiger..good luck with the event and I wish you clear skies, if you don't have clear skies may the wine flow and the giggling be loud :shocked:

In either case we expect a full report and lots of pictures :mrgreen:

Any advice please feel free to contact me.. :lol: Although you seem to have all angles covered. :salute:

Have fun.


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Good man AT!

Well, hat off to you, the site looks pretty good and looks like it has the necessary facilities.

All the luck to you and clear skies to those that attend :shocked:

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Hi all

So far for this event i have had one confirmed paid person.

Have had loads of interest, but no comittment

Sorry people, but if i do not get the quota, i will be forced to cancel this event for another time. I need another 4 people to commit for the weekend.

Worry not the one who has paid, your money can be carried forward for the next one

or refunded

Many thanks


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hi people

Sorry i realise i have two threads on this, not my intention. Please feel free to merge them. i am not sure how this happened :-(

I just wanted to say this event is going ahead as planned, so please pm me if you have any questions

thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

Thanks to SGL for your assistance here too

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