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Observing Venus during daylight!


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So I've heard for a while that at times Venus is visible naked eye during daylight hours. After arriving home from work today that proved true for me. A whisper of the evening star that well be glowing after sunset...but clearly visible!

Anyone else have experience with daylight planetary observing? How about through the scope in daylight?

Happy hunting.

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Hi m_j

I have observed Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in the day. I used my old Celestron 6se and as the Moon was up I aligned with it and slewed to the planets that were also available, although the Go To did not locate them precisely I just wondered about with a low power eyepiece until I picked them up.

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Ive observed Venus, Jupiter and Saturn through the scope in daylight. Actually its considered better for venus observation to view in daylight because the contrast is reduced due to the lighter sky and it doesnt dazzle as much. Ive used blue filters on venus during daylight and spotted the occassional dark patch in the clouds.

Jupiter and Saturn werent up to much because of the reduced contrast.


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