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HI everybody this is my first post as i am a newcomer too sgl.

I would like to ask for some help, i have a celestron astromaster 130eq and i am thinking of upgrading to a celestron nextstar 5se

could somebody please give me some advice about this telescope

is it a good buy or is there something better for the money i would

be most greatfull for any help and advice you can give me.

Clear Skies to all ghostbuster113.

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hello ghostbuster

the 5se is a really nice scope iv seen one but never looked through it.

maybe not the best place to post though :D as this place is for any "heads up" on anything interesting in the astro world:P but we'll let you off as its your first post:P

what is it you want to do with the scope is probally the best question. how good are you at finding things?

because for the price of the 5se you can get a 8" dob and a really good book (turn left at orion) and still have some left over to get some nice accessarys

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I have a nexstar 5 its a great portable scope but it is overpriced It will not show you any more than the scope you already have it will be better on planets it's great on clusters under dark skies and good on doubles. It gives slightly brighter views than the skywatcher mak or celestron 127 but not by very much but it's nearly double the price. I love my nexstar5 but if I am honest it's probably the worst value scope in the whole se line up. If you want a portable alt az goto the nexstar is the best of the lot. and the best of the lot in my opinion is the 6se If you can save an extra 100 get the 6se. If you can't, get the skywatcher mak or celestron 127 mak the celestron has a slightly nicer goto routine. they are lovely optics on the 5 better than the mak but not £300 better. if you want goto and a bigger scope but don't need the ultraportability this one is better value than the 5se

First Light Optics - Celestron C6-N GT (GOTO)

the scope is bigger than the one you have and the mount is better and more versatile than the se

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Used the 6se myself as my first telescope, agree it worth getting over the 5se, it will deliver some excellent sights and is still portable enough to take out and about, has a small footprint is easy to store out of the way and is not too heavy.

A worthy contender for a Go To Telescope.

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