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How to make your Vixen RA controller live longer...

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Good evening,

just made this very small but useful modification to my MD-5 drive, but the same modification should work well for the more modern controllers.

One reason of them dying is the fact that they are missing a proper reverse polarity protection.

You can solve this problem easily by inserting a diode in the circuit, preferably a Schottky-Diode as with these you have the smallest loss of voltage.

Luckily, there is enough space on the circuit board to put the diode. When choosing the right polarity, pay attention that the cable connected to the shielding of the power plug actually is V+, while the central pin is GND!



I used a diode designed for a maximum current of 1A (at least for the MD-5 controller this is more than sufficient -- even under load it consumes no more than 0.2A). The voltage loss is around 0.3V and thus not problematic for the power-supply I am using. At the end, use some electrical tape to avoid any possibility of open contacts or even short circuits.

So, if you didn't do this modification yet, do it before you reverse the cables to the battery on your next night on the field :)


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