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New Forum software, a quick taster!

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Hi all,

You all know that we have been looking at new software. Some of you that are involved in Forums, know that the software can do so much, but changing / upgrading is a long and laborious task.

We are now at the point where we are in a position to show some screen shots. Grant has been busy importing databases etc and tidying up the theme that we have bought.

We really hope that you will like what we have done, we do realise that lots of people do not like change - but we really did need to do this. The new software has a completely different way of dealing with albums, articles and importantly for some of you the buy/sell section.

Yep thats right the buy/sell section is included in the new software. It does work in a different way, adverts last for a certain amount of time before that are removed automatically by the software. There is a question and answer tab, so that other can view questions and answers asked by other people.

The albums work differently, and there are some really cool features for embedding images into post directly from your album while writing the message.

The article/content management system will hopefully meet the approval of some members that have requested the the stickies get reduced. A lot of the stickies will be converted into articles and will not longer be stickies errr stuck at the top of boards.

There is also a LIKE button - now before you all groan ;) - this isn't facebook. But we are looking at ways that we can, maybe, use the LIKE button to make POW a little easier to judge - but again thats early days.

We will be looking for people to volunteer to help test the new software now that the database has been imported... we have a few permissions that need to be looked into before we give access details, but anyone who wants a look round, ask away in this thread and we'll let you in once the permissions are sorted.

Here are the screen shots.



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I think your going to see something you like on the new forum , thanks for the suggestion. Ant

A Great BIG CONGRATULATIONS on getting back online early A new look to get used to but very glad to have the buy and sell - well done you very hard workers. I'm highly impressed. The Stress of no

Looks OK Ant, never knew this thread existed. A lot of new threads tend to past me by as their are often so many.

The East Midlands Site was a bit of a shock to the eyes - going from a nice black themed SGL forum to a bright white one. I prefer the black theme myself.

I've heard that the 'like' option tends to get abused on other forums when they have tried it (politics, unfriendlyness, favoritisum, etc come into it apparently).

Hope the new forum will be Android tablet friendly, if it is then go for it I say.

An option some would like I'm sure is a live IRC tab.

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I'm surprised, I thought that people would have been all over this...


You should have titled the thread "Return of the Buy & Sell Facility" Ant :)

Seriously though, I think the new software looks fine and appreciate the amount of work that is going into this change. We are a large community now so the underlying software can't stand still.

Thanks for posting the "taster" :)

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Got too low signal to see pics but count me in for testing :) u sure it's been here2 days. Iv actually been looking for it everywhere since u said u were doing it lol.

Only things is tappatalk for me :)

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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The reason it looks similar to the EMS site is it uses the same underlying forum engine, so a lot of the functionality will be the same.

The site will continue to support Tapatalk as it does now but also has a mobile theme so if you access it using a mobile device or tablet, you get a cut down user interface that is much more finger gesture friendly.

As Ant has said, the new forum gives us a lot more functionality and flexibility especially with regards to the buy/sell section and also the abiltity to have articles etc.. that are seperate from the main forum. It also gives us much greater powers to deal with spammers and even the potential for a live chatroom in which we could conduct live Q&A sessions etc...

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Looks great to me!!

One function I would love to see, maybe not possible, but when you upload an image to the albums have a little tick box marked "Analyse". The would then call the API on astrometry.net and return a little map(s) of what is shown. This could then be stored alongside the uploaded image. This would then give a consistent reference for images uploaded.

Just an idea and maybe for another day.



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