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Bright fireball

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Just saw a really bright fireball at around 9.30 this evening.It passed

below the plough and leo in a southerly direction and kept on going until it disappeared below the southerly horizon.This took roughly 15 seconds to happen.The meteor left a long yellow/white trail and looked very similar to the sad event when the space shuttle burnt up on re entry.

It also had a red/orange glow as it plunged through the atmoshere.Very difficult to guess the brightness but it was certainly brighter than any iridium flare i've seen.

On Tuesday night we witnessed another fireball which went in between Jupiter and Venus and on below Orion,again it was yellow/white but it also appeared the be breaking up as you could see it pulsing with flames.Lasted about 5 seconds and was brighter than tonights one.

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Yes - I saw it too. I was photographing Mars at the time and it was bright enough to make me look up from the scope. It came straight overhead and almost went from horizon to horizon. Bright yellow trail, becoming greenish as it passed. I suspect it was quite shallow as I didn't see it come apart instead it faded to dark red, then disappeared. Spectacular.


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