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Happy Birthday North Lincs Astro


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This coming Monday's meeting of North Lincs Astro, 5th March 2012, will mark the 1st anniversary of the club ;)

Thank You to Alan, Nexus 6, for setting it all up and thanks to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust for it's support.

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I'll be coming up with my scope if the weather is good. I'll be there without it if it isn't ;).

I just hope we get a good one for the occasion..

So :):bootyshake: to the clouds..:)

Hope you get down Col and well done in seeing the meteor Saturday night, bet your glad you were travelling at the time :icon_scratch:

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Hi SGL, I wanted to say a big thanks to all who came along last night to our regular monthly meet. We were able to use a number of telescopes on a variety of targets. It was a shock to see so many new faces, 6 new members added to the usual suspects who normally get down, as always, some were unable to attend but 23 was a good effort and made our little birthday celebration a pleasure to take part in.

As always, I must thank Terry and Ronni for helping to make this possible by allowing us to use Far Ings as the venue for our meetings. :)

Sarah, cheers for bring the bottle of champagne, I am sure Steve will enjoy it :)

All in all a very fine night, clear skies always make such a difference!, it looks like our astronomy club has now cemented its place as the venue to visit for astronomy in the North Lincolnshire area.

Next meeting is Monday 2nd of April.

Will see you all then.

Clear Skies :icon_scratch:

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A great night had and a big thank you to all that make it happen.

It was nice to have some clear sky and be out in that chilly wind :).

Very much enjoyed having a good play with the 13mm Ethos Alan, it really is like sticking your head in :) thank you.

And thanks to Paul for being all set up when I arrived with his scope trained in on Mercury, very satisfying to see its crescent.

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