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An example of jumping on the bandwagon due to stargazing live

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Sheesh....No problem as such, was just highlighting the fact of people jumping on the bandwagon with stargazing live then flogging stuff to cash in on the craze.....This was mentioned in several previous threads...Not added by myself I may add. I just came upon this ad and thought Id post an example of people cashing in. Yes its a decent ad, yes the equipment is decent, yes the extras are great, yes at present the price is great for what your getting and yes the description is maximising the sale......But like I pointed out.....Jumping on the bandwagon with stargazing live and name dropping!!! That is all!!!

Personally I don't think he's jumpng on the bandwagon at all, in fact the best time to sell any item is when anything the item becomes associated with, becomes popular.

Collectibles sell in cycles. I collect Matcbox and Scalextric cars and their values go up and down in cycles. Due to the James May "toy stories series" prices of scalextric cars went through the roof as did used Hornby trainsets. If I was to sell now I wouldn't get what I feel they are worth 10 years ago, but in about 5 years or a repeat of the series time they will be possibly overpriced and that would be when I would decide to sell.

As I say you sell stuff like this while the iron is hot. Cox might be nameless in 5 years and the scope obsolete. Then how much would the guy sell it for?

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it seems a fair deal but as Leonard Nimoy once said to me....never name drop.

the pic makes me giggle - BC has such a cheesy grin! fair play though - nice thing to do for someone.

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Thanks to your post I have just spent 3/4 of an hour trolling round ebay telescopes !

Seems to be some good deals to be had though, never used ebay before for anything but I think I might have to revisit soon.....

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if it was within my scope (no pun intended) i may have gone bidding as currently looking into a second-hand model but a little too rich for me plus my wife would have loved something like that with BC's autograph (women eh! can't say owt, us men are just as bad)

Good luck Keaton be watching how the bidding hots up in the final hours.

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Found this when scouting for a bargain. Just goes to show how people are cashing in on this hobby and driving the prices sky high for the genuine enthusiast. Ok its an 8 inch with a few additional extras but come on...Throw a dog a bone, its used and as advertised a couple of years old. So what Brian Cox signed it. As much as I like Brian Cox and the way in which he's bringing new peope to the hobby its by no way something that I or even the majority of us would want scribbled over our OTA....Or am I wrong??

''I bought this telescope a couple of years ago brand new from a Telescope shop near to Sir Patrick Moores home whom I work with on The Sky at Night''

hahahaha Get a grip Sir.....Stop name dropping and just try to sell your equipment without duping some poor soul!!

eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace


Rage much? haha

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Hey this gives me a idea, maybe i need to start a line of signed Neil phillips planetary Newtonians any takers ? tested by me, photos of planets as proof. what more can i say.

I understand the posters point, but in this case i think the seller seems honurable enough.

Good luck on the sale, i just hope it goes to a astronomer young or old, rather than sitting in a mansion looking out over the Garden. But thats out of the sellers hands, not hes fault that Brian is a selling point.

Brians missus currently calling out Brian i need you to sign this other form for me i have to post it today, CLUNK the door shuts Brians on hes way to the studio.Right did i save ebay on my favourites lol. Is that going to far.

Joke its all just tongue in cheek. I hope its seen like that plz.

Though the scope idea is a good one, NOT

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