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My second guided image M101


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this is my second image with my new setup, its just a low quality crop but am quite pleased with the result.

need to do some proper processing on it when i have some more time.

23x 180 sec subs, 12 darks no flats.


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That looks pretty good Paul. M101 can be tricky to get some of the finer detail in the outer arms but as mentioned you focus is good so there's plenty of detail captured. The flats will improve the background and allow you stretch things just a touch more.

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The morning after you take your images, tick a white T-shirt over the end of the scope and point it at a clear patch of sky. Set the camera to AV and fire off 20 - 30 frames. You will also need a set of bias frames. With the dustcap on the camera, set it to M and set the fastest shutter speed you can, like 1/4000 sec, and fire off 30 or so of those. The ISO settings should be he same as for your lights and darks. The important thing is not to move the camera between taking your light frames and your flats, otherwise they won't match up.

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Thanks for the feedback, haven't tried any flats yet, need to find a good way of taking them, I'll have to look at a few threads on here for the easyest way.

Thanks again


A nice shot, have a go at sky flats or T-shirt flats, just make sure your exposures are 30-50% saturation of your pixel well depth, then apply them to your subs after your darks and before stacking...thats all there is to it. With your fully calibrated data you will be able to bring your black point lower without any vignetting showing.

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