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Walking on the Moon

First WideField from new cam


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James i heard a tip for widefield focusing the 300D it goes like this.

Focus on something bright using the auto focus. (brightest star it will pick up)

Once you have focus turn off the auto focus then just point the camera

to what ever area of the sky you want to image in wide field and take the shot.

I have seen a few shots taken using this method and its very effective.

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You see this is why I didn;t want James to get the camera... he's making me look bad already! Imagine what it'll be like in a month or two :clouds1:

James IMO the focus on a bright star doesn't work, with the stadard lens even the moon doesn't do it for the auto focus. I've read the same things as Jamie and some people do get it to work...

My top tip for focusing with the 300D and the standard lens is this...

  • [li]Go out in dusk, pick an object that quite a long way away. [/li]
    [li]Then turn on auto focus.[/li]
    [li]look through the camera and move one of the little rectangular boxes(I use the botton one) over the distant object... But you must make sure that the other boxes aren't over anything at a different distance.[/li]
    [li]Then press the shutter release button half way down, the camera should beep and a little red light should flash in the box that has set the focus position. You want the light to come on is the box that is over the distant object you've chosen[/li]
    [li]Once thats done you can change the camera to Manual focus.[/li]

This will give you adamn close starting point, from this point on it should only take a few test shots to get the focus bang on.

If your lucky and pic an object far enough away then it may be right first time.


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WARNING - If anyone is not on broadband, best upgrade. Mr Dyson will soon be an even more prolific poster with some cracking images :clouds1:

Excellent pics James - can't wait till you do get used to the camera and focusing!

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I knew you would get the hang of it almost instantly. It's pretty hard to go wrong with the 300D. It's far more forgiving than any other type of imager. Plus the massive field means fewer tracking errors :clouds1:

My pics I took of Orion/Horsehead and the summer milkyway were my best ever, so I will always have fond memories of your camera. The 300D has huge potential, i barely tapped any of it.

Great going matey......enjoy my camera!


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Thanks for the encouragement Guys :clouds1: and the Top Tip Ant i will do that for sure, i tried Jamie's suggestion but it didnt work out for me. It's funny half the night i was doing it completely wrong(Turning the zoom rather than focus ring) but i figured it out in the end :clouds2:. Ant's and russ's Pic's using the Camera just inspire me...

James :clouds1:

ps:Try and get 8mb a sec broadband :clouds2::clouds1:

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