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laser collimater or not?

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You make that sound so simple lol I was told about something like that which is how i collimated the 1st time round.

Someone said to drill a hole in the focusing tube dust cap.

Just wondering if a laser collimator is more recommended for absolute beginners? (which i am, only about 7 weeks into my new hobby)

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I have the impression that with a laser you can only confirm or regain a collimation done through a conventional method i.e. Cheshire or star collimation. The laser itself cannot do the whole job.

(Happy to be corrected tho)

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A laser by itself cannot collimate the entire scope. You still need a collimation cap of some sorts to center and round the secondary under the focuser. The Cheshire/sighttube combination tool is the complete tool for the job.


One of these makes an excellent collimation cap/Cheshire eyepiece.


Beneath the sticker is a perfectly centered 2-3mm hole. I recommend the silver colour as its nice and reflective.

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Ultimate respect to you all. Damo636, right up my street, i like the dust plugs. Nice! Just ordered one. ALso, the Cheshire should be winging its way to me and should have it by Tuesday/wednesday ireckon. Lookin at the weather, no rush lol

Thanks everyone for the advice and tips.

The fact you all take the time to come on here and helps people like myself by sharing your knowledge and experience is amazing.

Thanks guys.

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