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App for Transit of Venus

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The phone app for the Transit of venus (June 5/6) has now been released.

You can download the app from the App Store


- map with times of contact for your location

- simulation of the transit for practising timing of the contacts

- GPS clock that will help you on the day of the transit to find the times of contact accurately

The app makes it easy to join the international project to measure the sun's disatnce with the transit of Venus.

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Next ones are 2117 & 2125 !

Might head somewhere east to see it, either in uk or cheap flight abroad.

Don't forget solar eclipses happen regularly all over the world, just a matter of finding the next one and travelling to see it, preferably somewhere with lots of sunshine :D


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Wow! I've got a feeling it may be a little bit like the time I drove to Devon to see the last total eclipse of my life time.... Cloudy! Lol.

lol - oh yes - I drove to Paignton. At least I should be able to see this one from home.

Thanks for the link - have downloaded

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We were living in Devon at the time of the eclipse. Saw a partial through a lighter bit of cloud but it was too thick at the time of the full eclipse. It did go dark for a short while though. We do get quite a lot of cloud down here in the south west - rain too!

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