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T thread - 1.25" filter holder

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I'm trying to gauge the possible interest in a T thread adaptor which would allow you to mount a 1.25" in your optical train...

This could be for a LPR or colour balancing filter or even a cheap way of starting RGB imaging.

It would have a female T thread at the scope side and a male T thread at the other - total length about 10mm.

The inside aperture would be threaded to take the standard 1.25" filters....

Any comment??

(Baader currently do something similar but you need to combine two separate adaptors)

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I was after this a few months ago, I ended up ordering a shim from scopestuff in the states that sandwiches inbetween a t-thread connection and has a filter thread in it.


I only use it though to put a Baader IR cut in front of my DSIc which is the guide camera and attached to the ST80 via T2 connections only. No (well maybe sub 1mm) increase in spacing.

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The holder you describe is available from TruTek (http://www.trutek-uk.com)


There's M42 and t thread versions hidden in their SuperSlim Filter Wheel price list as:

M42A Low profile male-male adapter M42-M42, takes 1.25" filter, 4mm flange £15

M42C As above, T-thread-T-thread, 4mm flange £15

I've used the t threaded ring for many years and found it an indispensable bit o' kit.

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I made my own

this was before filter wheels where easily available

cannot find it now

It was very useful

At that sort of price its hardly worth making another


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