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A question about pics


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Hi All,

I've noticed that when I look through my refractor the Moon is the reverse of what the naked eye sees, so the pics I take come out back to front.

I've been using a paint program to flip the image, but I've noticed a lot of pics show the moon upside down, back to front etc. Is it the norm to simply leave the image as it appears through the scope, or is it totally down to personal taste?


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I am so glad that you have brought this subject up as i was trying to think

of how to say to those who post the upsidedown versions to post them

the right way up without causing offence or embarrassment so-


Subtle eh/

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Refractor and Cassegrain telescopes will produce an image that is upside down when used without a diagonal. When a diagonal is used the image will be corrected right side up, but backwards from left to right. It will look like trying to read a sign in a mirror. There are special diagonals called Erect Image Prism diagonals that can correct the backwards image for land use.

Newtonian Reflectors will produce an image that is upside down and are not recommended for land use. There are no ways to correct this with a Newtonian Reflector.

MO - who cares?? There is no 'up' or 'down' in space..... :clouds1:

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