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diagonal and prism to orientate image

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i purchased my first scope last week,a lovely skywatcher 200p and im wondering if there is a way,or point in fitting a diagonal to flip and mirror the image so its as you would see through your eye(not mirrored and upside down).

its not a major problem as im still getting enough stars to look at and finding my way through constellations etc just obviously be easier for viewing.i am considering getting one of the orientated right angled finder scopes

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Not really - if you added such a prism / diagonal you would not be able to to eyepieces to focus. Newtonians don't have a lot of focus travel. It's best to get used to the inverted view.

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Don't recommend trying to correct the scope. You soon get used to navigating with the inverted view.

I thoroughly recommend the right-angle erect image finderscopes. Much more comfortable on the neck than those straight through ones and easier to orientate yourself. Makes it easier to translate from binoculars to finder scope too. Actually I often found it easier to see things in the finderscope than the binoculars because it doesn't suffer from hand-shake. Red dot finders are also useful but if you're just getting one I'd go for the finderscope. You will need to make a dew shield. I also kept the eyepiece cap on when I wasn't using it to stop the finderscope eyepiece from dewing up.

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