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4TH Galloway Starcamp 14 nov 2012


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Mornin all,a great night was had by me very very dark a little to much moisture in atmosphere,a real treat compared with the orange glow of the big cities,a crystal clear morning ,wind has sprung up blowing from north,at least its drying off the equipment,see you all soon ,



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Well as a newbie to this star camp, and from reading all the postings i'd better bring some whisky along, so for you seasoned malt drinkers I have

a special treat.... something you cant buy in the shops, a bottle of the Scotch Whisky Syndicate 58/6, at over 12years old its an exclusively

blended malt.... so im sure ill have no end of volunteers wanto to helpme put my tent up !! (I'll be in the works van in the Bradbury Motors livery) and will be arriving on Friday around noon..

On a serious note looking forward to meeting you guys and having a great couple of days away looking at the skies

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Great replies folks, soon be all on site having a good time, but it's great that all these new whiskeys are comming to the event for me to try. (since my educattion last year, ) but remember lesley who helps me with this event and own's the venue likes chocolates and biccies..

forcast looking ok at the moment for end of week, fingers crossed ..

cheers steve

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Well as a newbie to this star camp,

Same here and looking at all the gear to take I'm wondering if it might be easier to book a helicopter to drop it off !

Mind it's nothing compared to what my friend is taking (guess that's one of the joys of a grab and go ?)

I'm hoping to learn a lot while there and take away a list of things we got right and things we need to remember / improve on.

Most importantly will be making sure we earn an invite back for next year :laugh:

Only red torches packed in my bags !

Look forward to putting some faces to IDs so to speak



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I'll be on my own this time, Antoinette has cried off - fair weather camper..........

It does mean I will get more of the whiskey to myself though ;o) II'm coming on Wednesday and 'll be bringing some Bowmore and some McCallan

See you guys soon

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