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4TH Galloway Starcamp 14 nov 2012

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Hi all, we are pleased to announce the 4th galloway starcamp. It will be at the usual venue, which is Drumroamin farm campsite. Propietors: Lesley & Ralph Shell tel 01988840613 The camp start

I'd just like to add my thanks as well for a great couple of days to Steve, Lesley and her husband and all the speakers from Saturday. To have a night like we had on Saturday night was the icing on t

it might be worth contacting Lesley at the camp site. I've not heard from Steve for a while but I was in contact with Lesley at the campsite this last week and she said she had some enquiries I sugges


Food glorious Food!!!

Carrying on the tradition of the Galloway and the Cumbria star parties of having shared meals whenever possible......

Mike and I are prepared to cook meals for the Friday and Saturday evenings if people are interested.

Friday evening's meal is Fish Pie, 2 veg and Guinness Bread followed by a simple desert.

Saturday will be Chilli or Curry and rice and garlic butter bread followed by another simple desert.

As we can prepare the fish pie in advance and give the Friday late arrivers a chance to put the tents up, we could eat about 20:00 (8.00 pm)

On Saturday the meal would be at 18:00 (6.00 pm).

Given that Steve is organising a great trip to Dalmellington to visit the new Observatory for Sunday afternoon/evening, we will discuss the Sunday meal arrangements at the meeting on Saturday morning.

If you are interested can you let us know asap, if you are arriving later than 20:00 let us know, we can then ensure that there will be food available when you arrive at campsite.

We have had some great shared meals at these star parties from curries, chilli, BBQs and that fantastic Sunday steak meal at the Cumbria SP in May.

If you would like something different or have a better idea please let us know.


Adrian and Mike

PS......... we will share the costs about £3 per meal each.

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Hi all, been away for a few days.... stop the press. the kirkinner inn has closed.

so gairleston, bladnoch, and wigtown for beer and tea,

(pizza etc takeaway open in wigtown now)

talks pm on saturday in common room on site, vendors may be am on saturday in the common room , or at there pitches, situation a bit fluid but i suspected this may happen and have discused with one or two regulars before so this is the best way forward in all regards. was thinking of using the warm room anyway, so thats sorted then.

glad the guy above has swapped his booking.

looks like 16.30pm at the scotish obbsy on the sunday, cars to be used no bus.(my boss is bieng an Bottom)

see all soon.

cheers steve

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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that the Kirkinner Inn has closed, it means that the social life of a small village and surrounding area can go downhill.

Secondly, I am willing to give a lift to anybody needing one to the observatory.

Must check out other local pubs.

There is one at Isle of Whitburn.... The Steam Packet Inn. The food is excellent and has normal opening hours.

The only problem is the distance from the campsite.

See you soon



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Hi Mike,

Great to hear that you will be coming to Galloway.

You are more that welcome to share my OO scope and the Swarovski scope as well.

If you are arriving Thursday, would you be interested in either birdwatching or going up Merrick on Friday?

I have an electric pitch.

By the way the Kirkinner Inn is closed, but there is a pub in Garlieston called the Harbour Inn. I intend to try it out while I am there.

If you are interested in shared meals with Mike (Demon Barber) and myself please let us know.

Looking forward to meeting up, Steve is responsible for the booze levels on the site, no doubt Tom will be the chief Jura drinker!!!

In February this year, the weather on Friday evening was horrendous, so we had a party until 05:00 am on Saturday morning. We went through quite a few drams of the water of life plus food etc.



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Cheers Adrian, very nice of you. If I'm honest it's more about the birds and the banter than the Stargazing which pretty much guarantees clear skies for the rest of you. Friday sounds good and I too have ehu. I recall our day at the Crook of Baldoon watching that Peregrine feasting on the lapwing; I love the place, I really do and you lot are the ones that make it all fun. I heard the pub closed up so today I purchased another two hip flasks to make up for it. :)

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I'll be popping into the star party as I have a place nearby. I've been to the harbour inn in Garlieston, didn't think much of it. The Steam Packet Inn in the Isle of Whithorn is really nice, but a distance. Wigtown has a couple of pubs, one of which is in the CAMRA guidebook for 2012, but can't remember which one - lol.

Hopefully catch up with you all, especially the CSOG'ers, a week on Friday.

Cheers, Martin

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hi all, the ploughman now has a takeaway inside, pizza kebab, burgers etc. the bladnoch is nice but the meals are pricey. the harbour inn does meals but is a drinkers pub, but there is always the pools room for a good sober chat im,e sure :shocked:

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Hi Guys, Just back from two sunny weeks in Cyprus. Brown as a berry and almost welcomed the rain as we touched down in Glasgow last night (I said almost).

I am booked for Thurs-Sunday at Galloway and will see you all then. Pity about the pub closing, as I was going to rely on it for some food. However, if there is a CAMRA Pub in Wigtown and it does food, then maybe we can still eat.

I will bring the 14" Flextube and maybe a smaller 'scope + binooc's. + the usual necessities of life (Beer and Malt).



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Hi Steve and Tom,

Thanks for your PMs, have added both of you to the confirmed list.

Those who notified us via the SGL website have also been added.

The current count is: (unverified by the Florida State Election Committee!!!!}

Thursday evening: 5

Friday evening: 8

Saturday evening: 8


We will discuss the Thursday meal on Sunday over dinner at the site.

Maybe a Scottish or Irish based meal for Thursday?



Edited by Adrian Condon
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To avoid this scenario, if you have jaffa cakes we will have your tent up in no time.



What will jafa cakes buy me on a Wednesday when I arrive? My tent helper (Jane) probablly wont arrived until Saturday.

Edited by terrym2002uk
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Hi Terry,

The buying power of Jaffa Cakes is based on the state of the commodity markets and the local weather at the time the transaction is struck!

If Mike and myself are not on the campsite field when you arrive, we may be in the heat of static van 1.

Have a safe trip.



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