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4TH Galloway Starcamp 14 nov 2012


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Hi Adrian,

Yes im really looking forward to this one.

Thanks for the info. I'll only be using it to charge the power tank and oh yes the warm air heater for Jane :)

Hi Terry and Jane,

Glad to hear that you are booked for Galloway 4.

It is a great site.

The camp site use the standard outdoor electrics that you will find at the vast majority of sites in the uk.

To connect to the camp electrics you will need something like......


15 metres is a useful minimum and will be fine at Galloway.

However, if you can get a 25 metre version (may not be on a drum but loose) that would be better.

You connect the blue round connector to the post on the site and run the cable into your tent. You store the socket bits in the tent to keep them dry, I connect a 4 socket lead to the cable drum. I think the maximum electrical rating for the site is 10 amps.

If you are going to Cumbria 6 we can discuss the options.



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Hi Tom

Not sure about caroline & Jack,5 nights might be a bit much.

Good chance i'll see you at nina's before then,maybe this lunar gig nina mentioned.

Really enjoyed last weekends starparty,great to meet other folk out in the field,can't wait for galloway 4 sounds like a good campsite.

Ps..thanks for the grub!


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Hi Kenny,

Great to meet you and Caroline, there is not doubt little Jack is starting this stargazing lark early...............

To be quite honest I think that camping out in mid November may be a little chilly for a baby. Though last year at Cumbria SP in November I was wearing my shorts until about 20:00 each evening, it was very mild for the time of year.

See Tom's photographic masterpieces as evidence!!!!

I put my tent out to dry off completely yesterday as the BBC weather forecast was for dry conditions until lunchtime today..... yes you guessed it started to rain early yesterday evening and now the tent is soaking wet, at least it has washed the bird sh*t off!!!!!!



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Hi Adrian

Great to meet you & Reg too.

Gutted couldnt stay longer but hey.! 2 nights better than none:)

Everyone was very welcoming & we all had a great time.

Your Definetly right,nov too cold for 5 nights for little Jack.

He sure is an early starter.First starparty under his belt and he's only 2 !


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Hi all, main day speakers sorted, joseph gordon on radio astronomy and meteors, and i think robbie is going to wow us again with his astrophotography, but a little more on advanced proccessing.

Not sure yet if we are at glentrool, the pub, or the village hall, as waiting to see if forestery are having a sort of joint day . more to follow as i find out.

cheers for now

all the best


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Hi Steve,

Great to hear that organising the event's talks is progressing.... smoothly....

The other venues for a talk could possibly be the Recreation Room at the site, it is quite large.

Secondly, there is the new observatory building near Dalmellington...


I have heard that it should be ready in Autumn 2012 as building is already underway.

Looking forward to a completely dark clear sky event in a great location.

Keep up the good work.



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Get your finger out!

Finger oot and booked for all nights. Might need help on how ya use an actual scope tbh, been that long :grin: David is hoping to get along as well, I recommend somne ear plus , hehe.

Looking forward to seein you all. Just dinny mention rugby tae Steve.


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Hi all, we are pleased to announce the 4th galloway starcamp. It will be at the usual venue, which is Drumroamin farm campsite.

Propietors: Lesley & Ralph Shell tel 01988840613

The camp start's on wednesday the 14 november 2012, and run's till Monday the 19th. (5 nights) .

The rates are, electric hookup £13/night. non electric is £11/ night. A deposit of £25 (inc £3 group addmin fee) is payable to secure your booking, and is refundable until 14 oct 2012 to deter weather watcher,s and no show's.


For info on event email me at stevefoy@btinternet.com or pm .

Due to a change in local events i am not certain of a main day event, but will see if possible and update as needed.

see all soon,

cheers steve

Reposted on Astronomy Forum (for your privacy minus your details steve)

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Just thought I'd drop a reply to this post.

I've booked a pitch , can only make Friday night and Saturday night.

Travelling down from the Scottish Borders with my friend Tom (we're both members of the Ancrum Astronomy Club)

There weren't any electric hook up pitches left so looks like we'll have to go easy on our power packs, but I'm sure they'll last two days?

Well I don't know about my friends set up, he has A LOT of kit HEQ6 etc, etc.

Anyway, hope to meet some of you over the weekend and fingers crossed for clear skies.



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