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New Scope - Very Happy

Frank the Troll

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Have just taken delivery of this:


6" Orion Optics: not new, but in pristine A1 condition, so very happy, and at a bargin price. :D

ps, The RA finder is from my Tal-1

The mount just needs some nobs fitted, and hey presto, away we go

Now I just need some EP's and a barlow, any suggestions please.

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Nice one Frank, you have some fine optics in that.

I have a few TV plossls which I am very happy with for use in a 4.8 but they are a relatively expensive. The gso plossls are quite popular along with the Vixen NPL.

Telescope outlet have a great deal on a couple of Vixen NLV at the moment which I have heard are very good but I have never used them... Accessories.

I know little about eyepieces though other than there is an awful lot to choose from..:D

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The " Shorty Plus " from Orion is a cost effective* barlow. As far as eyepieces go i only have 4 & the shorty and i got those off Ebay. Saved up and got one every couple of months. Pentax xw`s and a TV 27mm Panoptic. Nice views:D

* Just checked the internet for prices on the shorty and they`re £83 :D

I`m pretty sure it was £55 when i got mine a couple of years ago.

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